Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any good books on mountain biking trails in South Africa?

Yes, 'Mountain Bike Trails of South Africa' by Jawues Marias and Susanna Mills. It's available at Exclusive Books.

Can you recommend any special diets for cycling?

Yes, try 'Eat Smart for Sport' by Liesbet Delport and Paula Volschenk.

Are there any highly recommended multi day sport events for fun and for serious riders?

Yes! For the Roadies - enter the Kremetart Cycle Race in June in Louis Trichardt. The Panorama 4 Day Race in Witriver is also a highly recommended multi-stage event. It is always the last weekend in April and you need a bit of training as it is a very hilly course but very well organised. For the Mountain Bikers - if you ever want to experience the Cape Epic but do not want to race it, enter the Epic Day Trippers. Find details on

There are so many bike shops in my area! How do I choose a good bike shop?

Never look for the closest bike shop to your front door. Look for one that offers you the best service. Build a relationship with them and support them fully. They might sometimes be more expensive but if you have a good relationship with your bike shop, you'll get good service and, most of the time, great prices.

Did you know?

On average a pro cyclist can ride anywhere around 25,000 miles in a year. That’s the same distance it would take to go from Los Angeles to New York City 10 times. Think of the miles they could rack up if they flew.