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Giba Gorge Mountain Biking Park


Nestled in Giba Gorge valley is Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park, a special place for those who enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle. It is an escape from the rat race, a local spot to meet like-minded people and spend quality time with family and friends. Giba caters for everyone from the adrenaline junkie who can push himself to new limits on the free ride trail, the ladies who have their personal training to non-riders who love to relax and enjoy the tranquil setting.

LW Coaching


LW Coaching coaches mountain bikers all over the world from our home base in Southern Utah. Using internet web logs, training software, email, chat, skype and phone we keep in touch with athletes like they are next door. Developing a personal relationship and close communication with each athlete is important to us.

Velo Classic Tours


Velo Classic Tours creates a different style of cycling travel for both the experienced cyclist and discerning traveler. We offer first class cycling trips through the authentic cultures of Europe. It's my belief that you hire the personality of the company when you select a tour operator. This unique personality goes a long way in determining the dynamic of the trip and provides the potential for a rewarding experience. Ride through history. Live in luxury.

Holla Trails


Holla Trails are a system of marked mountain biking trails among the farms in the Ballito area similar to that of the EMBA system on Tongaat Hulett land in and around Durban. Only riders with a Holla permit are allowed access to the farmlands in the Ballito, Compensation and Upper Tongaat area, those without permits are trespassing and risk prosecution.